Ride the wave of these popular cruise trends

Relaxing aboard a cruise ship as you explore new lands is in many ways a timeless experience. But behind the scenes, the cruise industry is always developing new trends and taking classic elements of a holiday at sea to the next level.

Are you starting to think about what the next year or so might hold for you as you make your travel plans? Check out these new and exciting cruise trends that might just help you make your decision:

Travel back to a golden era with a cruise to Cuba

Cuba is continuing to gain buzz as a premier travel and cruise destination. Bursting with colorful history, culture, music and food, a visit to Cuba is like taking a step back in time. Teaming with vintage cars from the 1950s and untouched by many elements of the modern world (there’s not a single McDonald’s in sight!), Cuba truly is a unique destination.

And if you’re after a complete escape from some of the downsides of living in our modern world, then you’ll be pleased to know that Cuba is 100% advertisement free. You won’t see a single soda billboard, one car commercial or even one perfume advertisement in a magazine. We promise you, this will be a truly revolutionary sight and a refreshing change to your typical holiday.

Once you’ve soaked in the neo-classical architecture of Old Havana, why not pop into one of the city’s many eclectic bars to enjoy a classic mojito, a daquiri or a Cuba Libres before sneaking into one of the privately owned Paladres – or home restaurants – for some tostones (twice-fried plantain slices). You’ll find some of the best food in the city at one of these casual establishments.

No trip to Havana is complete without a tour of a cigar factory – and Partagas Cigar Factory boasts the world’s best cigars. Watch the workers select the leaves and hand roll them for a premium smoking experience.

After experiencing the best cigars that Cuba has to offer, we roll down to Cienfuegos on the southern coast – the only city in Cuba founded by the French – and finish off your Cuban experience with a jaunt to the bustling city of Santiago: birthplace of some of Cuba’s most iconic literature, music and architecture and home to Fidel Castro’s nationalist revolution.

Here at Celestyal Cruises, our routes to Cuba continue to be one of our most popular holiday experiences.

We offer a 7-day, all-inclusive cruise aboard the Celestyal Crystal that takes you on the only true circumnavigation of Cuba. We spend two days in Havana with additional stops in Cienfuegos, Santiago and Montego Bay in Jamaica.

While aboard the Celestyal Crystal, we aim to provide an exceptional experience, from celebrating special occasions to a variety of excursions and beverage plans. With the Celestyal Crystal’s nine passenger decks, 476 staterooms, onboard live entertainment and daily activities we want to help you make the most of your Cuba cruise.

Don’t miss out on this trip through history to experience the “real Cuba.”

Authentic local experiences from the moment you step onto the ship

Historically, cruise liners have operated as floating hotels: shipping passengers off to faraway destinations only to provide the same cookie-cutter experience onboard — no matter the destination. The trend is now shifting towards a more immersive cultural experience. As soon as you step on board you are inundated with the sights, sounds and smells of the far flung, exotic destinations you’re travelling to. You gain a deeper look into the local food and culture of the region all without even stepping off the boat. This means lectures, classes, meetings and other performances—all hosted by locals. You have the opportunity to delve deep into local customs and history and learn about important landmarks and highlights of the region, before you get to experience them first-hand on shore. Celestyal Cruises was one of the pioneers of this trend, offering its passengers authentic local experiences with both our Aegean cruises and in-demand Cuba cruises. Passengers are taken to the most important landmarks and sites of each place they visit, enjoying a true local’s experience that far surpasses a typical tourist trip. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned the ideal local cruise experience and built it around four pillars:


You’ll find that your local onboard experience sends you home with cherished memories, new skills, and a deeper knowledge of the people you meet as you explore new cultures. Even if you consider yourself a seasoned cruiser, this unique approach to cruising creates a whole new experience. Come join us!

Birds of a feather… cruise together!

A growing number of people are experiencing the excitement of traveling with a large group of people with common interests. The themed cruise experience is taking off like never before.

Lovers of history take to the seas to follow the trail of 10th century Viking explorers from Iceland to Greenland. Craft beer enthusiasts unite to enjoy signature brews from New York to Miami.

At Celestyal Cruises, we offer several popular themed cruise options unique to the Greek islands.

Greek Culture & Heritage Themed Cruises. Indulge in the classic elements of Greek Culture. You’ll choose from Minoan Civilization, Olympic Games, Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek philosophy and many more. It’s an unforgettable journey through Greece’s cultural and historical marvels.
Stories of Greek Summer Festival. The perfect choice for those who enjoy listening to Greek music, dancing the night away, and having fun the Greek way! Our entertainment themed cruises offer a one-of-a-kind experience. We embrace the genuine Greek spirit and passion for life through traditional and modern music, live shows and parties. Choose among Greek Cinema, Woman Today, Science Festival and many more.
Stories of Greek Enogastronomy. One of our passions is organizing memorable mouth-watering experiences. Prepare to discover all the secrets of Greek cuisine. Its flavors are as diverse as the country’s islands, home to some of the most exquisite wines and spirits of our region.

Today’s cruise trends are opening up new and inspired ways of traveling and exploring the world. Whether it’s sailing to Cuba, diving into the local culture while you’re still on the ship, or enjoying a themed cruise with friends you haven’t met yet, there are more exciting options than ever. Are you ready to come aboard?